Creating a Custom Multi-Selection Field in Dynamics CRM Online

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I have created some simple custom fields and added them to my Account form. I wish to create a multi-selection dropdown field. Is this possible? I want to record the market segment that the accounts operate in and many of them operate in more than one segment. I have only been able to create a standard dropdown field so far - and I can only select one of the entries.

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I'm guessing you are on a version 8.x.x. of DYnamics CRM Online. Multi-select option sets (as they are called) are not supported. However, they are available in the next major release, version 9.0.  I think you won't be able to upgrade your instance to version 9.0 until December at the earliest and even then you should not rush to upgrade without testing.

If you can't wait, another approach is to create a custom entity called market segment and a n:n relationship between Account and Market Segment. Then you can link 0, 1 or any number of market segments to an account.  However, this might not work for you depending on how you want to use the data. I suggest you try it and see how it works - you can always remove the custom entity if it doesn't work the way you want.
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Consultant

You can create multi-select dropdown in an html web resource and host it somewhere on the form. You can store all selected values (in a comma separated format) in a custom field on form.

As mentioned by Feridun, multiselect is not available until v9.0, this can be alternate solution which you can go for.



Thank you to both of you for your swift answers. Not sure which version of Dynamics CRM I have, but I'm guessing that it's 8.

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