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Slow performance on LINQ and lists


I use to connect to a SQL database.

I have a order table, and a orderline table.

Dim recOrderHeaders As IList(Of ShopifyData.OrderHeader)

            recOrderHeaders = (From item In dbContext.OrderHeaders
                               Where (item.CustID = MyCustomer.CustID)
                               Order By item.OrderNo Descending
                               Select item).ToList

' Then I iterate through all the orders and find the order lines
for each item in recOrderHeaders
   for each oLine in recOrderheaders.Orderlines

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Iteration through order headers go quickly, but iteration through order lines takes a long time (on my case 60ms per line).

I thought all data was collected in the OrderHeader object from memory when using the ToList.

Typically each order has 1-5 lines.

How can I speed this up ? For example one customer has 90 orders and it takes 5 seconds to get all orders/orderlines.
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Perfect :-)