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Hello Team,

Request you to answer the below questions

1.) What is Save while act in AS400 and How does it works?
2.) TEST LPAR was unfortunately shutdown and need to restart the LPAR with Restricted state? Does it possible ? i think we should remove the QSTRUPPGM value to *NONE and then restart the system to bring it in Restricted state , but that is not possible when LPAR is in inactive state
3.)what do you mean by Audits in MIMIX
4.) How do we check the Boot Load is TAP01 or not before initiating the IPL : Manual, D for recovery the system from bull backup tape
5.) on what scenarios we use End batch restricted state option in DST?
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1) Save While Active allows making backups without the need to exclusively lock objects.  It is described in detail in the system documentation for your release in the IBM Knowledge Center.  Here is a link for V7R2:

2) In order to bring LPAR up to to a restricted state, you need to do a Manual IPL of that LPAR.  Procedure for a manual IPL depends on if you have a Primary Partition or HMC.

HMC V7 (keylock position to Manual):
Primary partition (see "Starting DST on a secondary partition from DST on the primary partition"):

On the IPL Options screen, Put a "Y" by "Start this Device Only" or "Start to Restriced State" depending on your OS version.

3) Mimix Audits are processes that verify that tables are in sync between Mimixed systems.

4) You can track down or change the Alternate Restart device using SST/DST, or Navigator:

5) Option 14 is used to end a batch system save:

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