Batch Script pass parameters

I need to pass two parameters to a batch script at execution. Could someone please advise of the syntax. Fields I need to pass

Folder String : This will be a folder name e.g.  c:\MyFolder

File String: This will be a filename e.g. Myfile.csv
Diane LonerganIT Operations MgrAsked:
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Bill PrewCommented:
Batch file "myscript.bat":

@echo off
echo Parm1:%1
echo Parm2:%2

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Command line invocation passing parms:

myscript c:\MyFolder Myfile.csv

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Bill PrewCommented:
And if you use quotes on the command line (required if they contain spaces), like:

myscript "c:\MyFolder" "Myfile.csv"

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Then %1 and %2 will also have the quotes around the value.  You can remove those when referencing by using %~1 and %~2.

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