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Active Directory Migration Tools

Hi Everyone,
I have testing ambient virtualized.
I need move user from Active directory 1 city.local to another Active directory 2 town.local, after created a Trust relation between Active directory succesfull,  I Was trying use ADMT to migrate/move users. I receive this error.
the account replicator is unable to continue, Acees Denied!
Does anyone idea?
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Neil Russell
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Could be that the account you are using is not a domain admin.
Could be that you are not talking to a DC that is the PDC emulator in target domain.
Try those first
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I suggest to check if everything is configured as it should be for successful migration. Pls take a look at this series of articles on how to prepare and use ADMT. It outlines in details how to prepare both active directories and then perform migration of groups, users and finally computers.
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thats all