Iphone active sync is not syncing calendars

We have Exchange 2010 and Office 2010.  We've always had intermittent problems with calendars not syncing properly on our Iphones (mostly 6S and 7's).  Sometimes you would see some calendar info, but not all of it.  Usually if we turned the calendar function off and back on or if we deleted and recreated the mail account it would resolve itself.  Some of our staff have IOS 10 and some have 11 - it doesn't seem to matter which one we have.

However, nothing is working and there is absolutely nothing on the calendar.  We've deleted all of the old devices in Exchange, have deleted and recreated the mail account and still nothing.

Does anybody have any ideas??  

I did install the MS outlook app and the calendar works fine there.  However, no one wants to use that app!  We may have to insist on it, but want to see if there are ideas out there for active sync.
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Jackie ManCommented:

You are not alone. It will never work.


Microsoft regards the sync with iPhone and Exchange server is a third party sync and will not guarantee that it will work.

Apple only thinks everyone should own iPhone, iPad and MacBook only and should use iCloud for sync with a computer running Windows OS.

If you want to sync with Exchange server or Office 365, you need to download Outlook for iOS or OWA for iOS.
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
I would assume that they are using (under ios 11) Accounts & Passwords, Add Account and then Exchange is the current way you are syncing your calendars?  Because if the MS outlook app is working then the Exchange should as well.
Are the calendar items that aren't syncing ones created by other user, delegates to the main account?  We had this and I could never work it out but it seems items created by delegates do not sync?
cindyfillerAuthor Commented:
Initially it seemed like certain items didn't display.  If I entered it, it would but if someone else did the invite it wouldn't.  However, for the past few weeks absolutely nothing shows.  The calendar is completely blank.

Yes, were were doing add account / exchange.  Email continues to sync without an issue - its just the calendar.  And I noticed that the set up in the outlook app and the IOS account pretty much mirrored each other as far as set up, but the results are very different.
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