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I've created a domain pointer for our patient portal which points to an ip address on the internet.   However when the patient navigates to the website they have to add additional information to the address to get there.  How can I solve this  ....

They have to enter   ,   I'd like them to only have to enter  and it directs them to the correct place.

Thanks .....
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ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
In IIS you would use HTTP Redirect.
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
Do you have the option where you domain pointer is to create an Alias?

Refers to Host Name:
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
If you're using Apache, this can easily be done with mod_rewrite.
jtbrown1111Author Commented:
IIS redirect worked for us .....    Thanks for the help
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
Your welcome. :)
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