What are the best ways to get Cybersecurity Threat information


Are there any trusted and automated sources of Cybersecurity Threat information that you subscribe to?  While we follow many sources on twitter, i was wondering if there were any automated solutions out there like RSS feeds or anything feeds of some sort to provide us information
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Some irony here... you trust us to tell you who to trust...
I guess your trust depends on your P.O.V. on IT, what do you do in what country do you live? (no need to answer).
It's quite relative... When in Israel the arab world will try to hack/crach, when in the neighbour countries, israeli teams will have a go at it...

When in USofA you might trust the FBI, maybe even Homeland Security or the NSA etc.
When not in the US.ofA you're just one of the foreigners that needs to be kept out....

Besides these the digital Pirates from all over the globe that will try to raid any loot.

IMHO you need to decide what you place on the net is, and try to find trustworthy sources.
so go around and follow various groups, news on hacks, find pointer to stuff you can verify and go from there.

CVE databases are also starting points for weaknesses on the net....
Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
Have you looked that SANS Internet Storm Center?  There are RSS feeds for the Handler's Diary, and a couple other news feeds.  (Is that the sort of information you seek?)
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
For machine intelligence, you be looking at threat feeds or sort of security portal and dashboard. Usually tracking CERT Feeds or mailing list is good too..like US CERT. But first check out some tracker online.

For analyst intelligence, you be looking at threat report and blog.
/r/netsec | Subreddit
This network security forum surfaces the hacking research and technically oriented news for its 135,000-plus (growing) subscribers
WikiLeaks.org | Website
Julian Assange may still be trapped in London’s Ecuadorian embassy, but his secret-spilling group is rising again as a source of fresh, unfiltered secrets
You would have explored into vendor threat lab analysis blog such as Cisco talos

For security professional, you be looking at security news and breaking news.
Krebs on Security | Blog
Former reporter Brian Krebs has made a name for himself by breaking news on big and small breaches—sometimes before victims know they’ve been hacked
Threatpost feeds which has a wide but good security coverage on the emerging threats and breaking news or outbreaks

There would be more but you be inudated if you do not have a key scope of means to aggregate to ingest the gist from these monitored sources. Be clear on objective to its outcome in translate into actionables.

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posaeAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I wasn't looking for a conspiracy theory, just some places to start looking to collect some inforamtion
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