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Use WSUS to determine what updates need to be installed on Win 10 clients

What methods can be used within Windows Server Update services (WSUS) to determine what updates need to be installed on the Windows 10 client computers?
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WSUS has built in reports. They are very clearly named and the report that lists missing updates should suffice.
Senior Systems Administrator
1. First you will need to chose the product here: 1.JPG
2. Then you will need to chose the Classification which will be "Updates". 2.JPG
3. Go to All updates and chose the approval and status then his refresh. Then double click the update to see which computers need this update. 3.JPG
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To itsystech, the image includes computers in their "categories" there is a per computer report that reflects what updates it currently reflects as needed.

Do you have automatic approvals configure to install critical, security updates on a subset of your system that function as the test?