Unable to upgrade to Win 10 feature 1709

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A Windows 10 version 1703 (OS Build 15063.674) won't display the upgrade to Windows 10 feature 1709.

No matter which account is logged onto this Microsoft Surface (both local and domain, all of which have admn rights) when we click on the "Check for Updates" button the Update status says "Your device is up to date."

This laptop has internet access, the IP settings are configured correctly, the hard drive has plenty of free space, and we are able to browse the internet fine.

This laptop is a member of a Server 2016 AD domain where WSUS isn't currently being used. All other Surfaces and Windows 10 computers on this network have already installed this update without any problems.

What needs to be done to fix this issue so we can install the Windows 10 feature 1709 update?
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When your device becomes eligible for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it will download automatically based on your Windows Update settings. Once the download is complete, you’ll be prompted to choose the best time for you to complete the installation. After it’s installed, your device will be running Windows 10, version 1709.

 Can’t wait? See Get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for info on how to get it now.

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If you wish to proceed now, you can upgrade with the Microsoft Media Creation Link.  That will also work.  Keep Everything

Go to the Media Creation Link


Windows 10 is running, so click on the Download button (not Upgrade Button, select Open (Run) but NOT Save. Allow the program to run. Allow drivers to update. Then select Keep Everything
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K', Microsoft is not releasing the new OS to anyone at the same time. This bandwidth would be too much even for Microsoft. You will possibly have to wait for some days/weeks. If you don't want that, use the recommended suggestions.

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