Disable Malwarebytes "Your Premium trial expired" message

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Is there any way of disabling the Malwarebytes "Your Premium trial expired" message from appearing on Windows 10 computers?

We are waiting to get some more licenses for new users within our organization and in the meantime we would like to prevent this message from appearing.

How can this be done?

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Mark MurphyIT Consultant

I suspect "Stay downgraded" will prevent the dialog from reappearing. You should still be able to upgrade from settings by activating the license when you get it.
Systems Analyst & Webmaster
You can disable the Malwarebytes Tray Application manually and that will make the notifications stop for a while, but it will turn back on if an update gets installed, which is automatic and quite often. The problem is that the software installs as a service and the Tray app gets kicked off when the service runs, so it's not a startup item you can just disable.

If you REALLY want it to go away, pay for the software or stop using it.
IT GuyNetwork Engineer


Selecting "Stay downgraded" does not prevent the dialog from reappearing.
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William FulksSystems Analyst & Webmaster
The only permanent way to make it go away is to either uninstall the software or buy the premium edition. Basically, what you installed was a trial/demo version that's going to continue pestering you.
Distinguished Expert 2018
K', this popup is application specific - there's no way that windows could block or not even show it automatically. You'll have to live with it or build some macro that locates that popup and auto clicks on the right buttons. Surely, this can be done with tools like auto-IT, but that would mean more effort and knowledge.
Top Expert 2013

the only solution i see is contacting malwarebytes with this - and asking them to help here

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