Please HELP - SQL Stored Procedure to VB.NET

Im using Visual Studio 2017 Community.
In the picture attached, how can I put this stored procedure from SQL to a Command Button in in a single click?
2 Text boxes for susi() and mounter operator()
1 Button for the procedure or to call the code from the SQL stored procedure

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`%` PROCEDURE `proc_passmounter`(IN susi VARCHAR(32), IN operator VARCHAR(32))

DECLARE palletpcb VARCHAR(64);

SELECT a.palletpcbid INTO palletpcb FROM tblpcbtrace a WHERE a.pcbid = (SELECT b.pcbid FROM view_mounter_incomplete b WHERE b.palletid = susi LIMIT 1);
UPDATE tblpcbtrace SET mountertimestamp = NOW(), mounteroperator = operator , processtoken = 'mounter' WHERE palletpcbid = palletpcb;
UPDATE tblpalletinfo SET scantoken = 'mounter' WHERE palletid = susi;


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Rowel VirgoVisual Studio .NETAsked:
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Rowel VirgoVisual Studio .NETAuthor Commented:
I Go basic :)
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