Unable to uninstall Mailbox Role on Exchange 2010

Inherited a botched Exchange removal, what a surprise.  Best I can figure out is that all roles where removed successfully except the mailbox role.  Looked in ADSIEDIT and someone deleted the databases but not the server and they still show in EMC.   Some Exchange services are still running.  
I have attached the error message I receive when attempting to remove the mailbox role.
Since the databases were removed w/ADSIEDIT the Powershell commands do not work.   What if anything else should be purged from AD and at that point can I ignore the rest of the attempted uninstall?   We are planning to shutdown the VM which only function was to run Exchange as a member server.  Emails are now in the cloud.
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PRADIIP SINGHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am assuming there is no database and mailbox on this server , here it's explained how you can remove the server

As someone has already played around ADSIEDIT so now bets approach would be to remove this server from ADSIEDIT and there should not be any problem but before you do that shutdown the sever for couple of days and make sure there is no dependency on it and then proceed
WebccAuthor Commented:
Yes the server was already shutdown for a period of time, not sure how long.
What can I delete through ADSIEDIT?
CN=Databases or everything underneath?
CN=Servers or just what's underneath?

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