Best types of 5 port switches for Comcast POE phones

What are the best types of 5 port POE switches that can have Comcast Power over Ethernet (POE) phones plugged into them?

An office where I work with have two Comcast POE phones but has only one Ethernet port. We need to connect a switch to it so we can plug in both of the Comcast POE phones as well as two laptops.

What are the best types of switches for this?
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A good variety here  You can play with the selectors on the left to limit what you need.

Did you want 5 POE ports?

There's this  with four POE ports with four extra unpowered ports.
There are combination switches from dlink and Netgear.
8 port switch 3 PoE and five standard.
I think they have a 16 port with 5-8 pie with the rest rehear
Unless you are getting a managed switch, sn unmanaged with Poe might not be optimal for connecting non pie devices, pins 7 and 8 are the Poe feed.
You may have to clarify your need. And Thor available options.
Go Netgear ,lifetime warranty with cross ship .

I use them exclusively at all my sites..
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