how can I create a footer template to include in all webpages with bootstrap

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I am using bootstrap, and I want to create a footer template to include in all my pages, so If I modify the footer, I will only need to modify one page (template, image, etc,,,) and ALL webpages will be updated
My intent is to start with something simple like, links, etc (on my footer), and keep adding links, pictures or text to it, and just be able to modify one file, and all the other webpages would be updated.

I am open to any ideas or suggestions from scratch

Tnx in advance
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Create and save your footer file as a normal php/html file:

// footer.php
<div id="footer>
    <p>This is the footer</p>

And then just include it in all your files where you want it to appear - much easier if using PHP:

<?php include('footer.php'); ?>


Great tnx for your help

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