When making a json how should null values be handled

Suppose i make a json like {"name" : "xya", "title" :"sample"}
Now suppose someone wants to make this json and send it to the server without the title element.
There are two ways {"name" : "xya"} or {"name" : "xya", "title": null}
Now obviously it is upto the code at server side how it handles. But ideally i feel they should be handled in the same way. Or there is any reason to handle the two different. I mean in a well designed codebase should there be any difference in how this should be handled ?

Rohit BajajAsked:
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Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
I will go with this .

 {"name" : "xya", "title": null}

because name and title is fixed , whether they have value or not it is a separate thing.

Which database are you using ? MS SQL Server or MySQL Server
Rohit BajajAuthor Commented:
Mysql server
This has absolutely nothing to do with databases.
It's up to how you've configures the server side code to handle this scenario. For example with Jackson you tell it to increase missing fields when deserialising.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Why not running the obvious according test?

<!DOCTYPE html>
            var sample = new Object();
            sample = { 'propertyA': "Some Text", 'propertyB': null };
            console.log(JSON.stringify(sample, null, ''));

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In strict terms {"name" : "xya"} != {"name" : "xya", "title": null}. Cause the first has no title property (non-existence vs. null, tri-state logic). But you've asked that question wrong. JSON means JavaScript Object Notation and is used for serializing JavaScript objects as text. But as JS supports duck typing, the given case is maybe not relevant, cause you can deserialize the first JSON into an object having an name and a title property.

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