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vmware troubleshooting tools

Blue Berry
Blue Berry asked
Hi experts
Can someone tell me what are the best
vmware troubleshooting tools out there
As we are migrating for MS to Vmware

Thanks in advance
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VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Expert of the Year 2017
You didn't metion whether free tools were required or commercial tools,  so here is a list you can pick and choose from

1. Your Brain.
2. Experts Exchange.
3. VMware Knowledge Base.
4. ssh
5. cat
6. ls
7. tail
8. Looking at /var/logs
9. VMware Support and subsription.
10. Attending a VMware Certified Course.
11. Runcast Analyser - https://www.runecast.biz/
12.  vCenter Server
13. Winscp
14. Opvizor - http://www.opvizor.com/
15. Xtravirt - Sonar Hub https://sonarhub.com/
16. Veeam One
17. Dell Quest Foglight
18. vCenter Operations Manager