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Windows 10 corrupted files and failing programs - need to fix it


We have so called server - Dell OptiPlex with Windows 10 Pro x64. it came with Windows 7 Pro x64 and an upgrade was done a while ago and now we are on the latest built of Windows 10. We have two 500GB hard disks configured through Disk Management  as mirrors (both dynamic) which have operating system and other files on two partitions; no other internal hard disks. I am not sure whether it has been configured like that on Windows 7 or Windows 10 as somebody did it before me and that person is no longer with the company.
The problem started on Friday after the restart on Thursday. On Thursday I noticed that there are some errors regarding file structure and MFT. As usual in such situations, I scheduled full check disk and restart for after business hours to occur. On Friday morning users called that they cannot access their dental software database which resides on the server. Upon logging in, I noticed that the dental software services are not running - and these services would not start at all, either giving dependencies error or that these did not start in timely fashion. We re-installed dental software on the server but no luck.
Then I ran (remotely) full check disk during the restart and although it states that the file structure has been repaired it seems like it does not do that because "chkdsk /r" should take at least more than 10 mins and the server restarts in 3 mins (I tried it with different switches and from safe mode probably about 20 times) - no luck.
What's more when running chkdsk in read only mode it lists errors about corrupted files. Dental software is still not running. I tried clean boot but no difference. AV is disabled but it is AVG.
Furthermore, today I had another weird occurrence when I was able to install some software I needed there but when I wanted to update Intel chipset drivers, it kept failing after copying everything to the TEMP folder; all other drivers are up to date.
Other issue is that Event Viewer does not run either. I tried couple of fixes I found online but it did not fix it so I wonder if it is due the file corruption.
I was thinking about taking one of the mirrors drives offline but it does not allow for that and can only Remove Mirror or Break-Mirror and I am not sure I want to do that while I am working remotely and nobody is onsite.

Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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