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Windows 10 corrupted files and failing programs - need to fix it


We have so called server - Dell OptiPlex with Windows 10 Pro x64. it came with Windows 7 Pro x64 and an upgrade was done a while ago and now we are on the latest built of Windows 10. We have two 500GB hard disks configured through Disk Management  as mirrors (both dynamic) which have operating system and other files on two partitions; no other internal hard disks. I am not sure whether it has been configured like that on Windows 7 or Windows 10 as somebody did it before me and that person is no longer with the company.
The problem started on Friday after the restart on Thursday. On Thursday I noticed that there are some errors regarding file structure and MFT. As usual in such situations, I scheduled full check disk and restart for after business hours to occur. On Friday morning users called that they cannot access their dental software database which resides on the server. Upon logging in, I noticed that the dental software services are not running - and these services would not start at all, either giving dependencies error or that these did not start in timely fashion. We re-installed dental software on the server but no luck.
Then I ran (remotely) full check disk during the restart and although it states that the file structure has been repaired it seems like it does not do that because "chkdsk /r" should take at least more than 10 mins and the server restarts in 3 mins (I tried it with different switches and from safe mode probably about 20 times) - no luck.
What's more when running chkdsk in read only mode it lists errors about corrupted files. Dental software is still not running. I tried clean boot but no difference. AV is disabled but it is AVG.
Furthermore, today I had another weird occurrence when I was able to install some software I needed there but when I wanted to update Intel chipset drivers, it kept failing after copying everything to the TEMP folder; all other drivers are up to date.
Other issue is that Event Viewer does not run either. I tried couple of fixes I found online but it did not fix it so I wonder if it is due the file corruption.
I was thinking about taking one of the mirrors drives offline but it does not allow for that and can only Remove Mirror or Break-Mirror and I am not sure I want to do that while I am working remotely and nobody is onsite.

Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Before you do anything, get a backup done to an external drive.  If this is due to a disk failure brewing, and more activity could degrade the issue even more.  

Then... I would also run some disk diagnostics to make sure all is well, before doing any soft activities, like windows repair or sfc /scannow or anything likely to add or update disk files/data.   Hardware disk problems tend to get worse especially when writing.
Yes, of course one should back up first. I should have mentioned this.
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Guys, I have full backup. We use Acronis for that.
I ran sfc but as usual it said it could not fix it, I went through the log but there were lots of entries, not necessarily making sense to me. I can upload it here if anybody knows what it is about there.
An ideas I have so far is to:
1. boot to cd and run chkdsk and if necessary run bootrec /FixMbr bootrec /FixBoot bootrec /ScanOs bootrec /RebuildBcd
2. disconnect 2nd drive and see if it is better and vice versa disconnect 1st drive and see if it is better
3. I am also thinking of getting WD disk tools to get it checked as suggested
I would do Windows Update/Repair as suggested above but I worry that if there are writing issues on hard disk, then it may not go well for me.
Re: 3 - A repair would only fail as you describe if there were errors on the disk. You have a backup so it should be worth trying.
Ran WD Lifeguard both short and extended tests for both WD hard disks and the testes were passed together with SMART status.

I have a choice of running an update/repair or wait until tomorrow as I may be able to boot to cd and try to run chkdsk that way.

I'll be honest, I am tempted to break the mirror and see if it improves anything, but since I never used RAID functionality of Windows, I worry that I am entering unknown area and knowing Mcirosoft it could be both good and disastrous.

Weirdly, that Intel Chipset setup will not run, but I am able to run installers and uninstall software. There must be something that is not right with that file structure.

What would you do?
If you break the mirror and reinstall Windows then you would have to start again to set up the mirror. Can you try a fresh install the way it is and see if that works?
I can't try fresh install as it is production machine.
I meant "Windows 10 Repair Install and Keep Everything" the way you suggested.
Also, there is Fall Creators version available and we do not have that installed yet.
I am not so crazy about that Windows 10 mirror and if I was to break it, I would probably think about getting RAID controller card but that would be in the future and probably would have a problem with drivers as I do not want to re-install Windows from scratch.
Download the Median Creation Link on another machine and make the ISO and try to use that for a repair. You have to be able to at least start the machine so Windows runs however badly so the repair can start.
Updated storage AHCI driver using Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. Ran AVG Removal tool.
Restored the dental software folder from backup to Program Files and restored MMC files from backup to Windows\System32. Still do not work.
Still Intel Chipset will not run, dental software does not run nor MMC.
Online check disk still displays errors.
I already have Windows 10 CD, so I will try to run chkdsk from CD either today (if colleague of mine attends to site) or tomorrow morning.
Just to let you know, when Windows starts with those mirrored disks, it looks like it loads some sort of bootloader - I observed that a while ago - but I would still assume that chkdsk could be run offline.
You have a problem that appears to be beyond Repair Install to run. So it may be you have to resign yourself to a fresh install for long term stability.
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I have unplugged the second drive. Then went into Disk Management and removed mirrors for each mirrored partition on the missing disk, and after that the disk disappeared from Disk Management.
I restarted PC with chkdsk scheduled but it did not run and online chkdsk scan was still showing errors.
Since I had backup I downloaded Media Creation software to upgrade/repair Windows installation.
This morning logged into the PC and everything is back to normal. All of the software is running (dental software, event viewer) and online chkdsk scan does not show any errors. Also, it looks like chkdsk during the system restart is also working because the system takes a little bit longer to restart but I will run chkdsk with r tonight which will confirm it all. I did not try installing latest chipset drivers but will have to do it later on.
I still need to re-install the software I uninstalled and enable the software I disabled through msconfig. Finally, I will have to decide to plug back the disconnected second hard disk. I will check whether this computer came with RAID on motherboard (I doubt that) or maybe get RAID controller card but only if I do not have to reinstall Windows. Otherwise, I will enable mirror in Windows which I do not want to do, but the time will show.
Just to let you know the installed version of Windows 10 is build 1709, the latest. Maybe mirroring is better there or maybe it is worse.
I do not think mirroring changed between V1703 and V1709.
Haven't put the second disk back yet, but it is all working now. Thanks for your help.
You are very welcome and I was happy to assist.
so am i