Powershell - Batch Update AD User Object > Member Of Tab

I have over 80 users that I need to update their "Member Of" field in their AD User Object > Member Of Tab

I have two GPOs to add, possibly three.

The users are in a txt and CSV file.

Is there a PS script that will process the update?
Mike DiasAsked:
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Mike DiasAuthor Commented:
Found it. Thanks.

$grp = 'GIT_GS_AMU_Windows7_Object '

Import-Module ActiveDirectory 
$comps=Get-Content names.txt 

$grpDN = (get-adgroup $grp).distinguishedname

foreach ($comp in $comps)
{$dns=get-aduser $comp
Add-ADGroupMember -Identity  $grpDN -member $dns 

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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Import-Csv GroupMembers.csv | % { Add-ADGroupMember $_.Group -Member $_.User }

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If the csv fle has rhe columns Group and User, and only a single user per row.
Mike DiasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this. I'll try this tomorrow.
Mike DiasAuthor Commented:
Script based and solves the issue.
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