SQL Backup specific Name or format

Is it possible to define the name of a backup file format in SQL2014?

i.e. if I want a backup to be named DBName_YYYY_MM_DD where of course YYYY_MM_DD would be different each day.

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ITSysTechConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems AdministratorCommented:
Okay, what you can do is set a command when you create a job from the backup agent to name your backup like
SELECT @name ='TestDatabase' + '_' + @year + @month + @day + @hour + @minute + @second

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I will provide a link to an apexsql site which has pictures on how this works. Link.  Scroll down to "Create the SQL Server agent schedule". Here is a picture of where you put the command. word-image-21.png
See "1. Backup the specific database" for the code you can use for a single database backup.
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