Filemaker 11 is compatible with SQL 2012

SQL 2012 is not supposed to be compatible with Filemaker 11 Server but I made it work. I have a live connection and wish to utilize it. Does anyone know of any risks in using it to import data from sql into filemaker? The company only supports up to SQL 2008, but our databases are all SQL 2012, and FileMaker 11.
Mary WeldonAsked:
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Yes, this is possible because SQL Server 2012 is backward compatible to SQL Server 2008.

How FileMaker uses SQL Server? It should be via some ODBC connection and in this kind of connection depends more on the ODBC driver than anything else. ODBC drivers and SQL Native clients behave just as a bridge between the client and server and the client thanks to the backward compatibility can ignore the SQL Server version except the necessary minimum.

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Mary WeldonAuthor Commented:
This is such great information. My IT director wants me to verify we can do this. I’m the FileMaker Admin, and I set up the driver and made the connection. I figure it it works it’s fine to use. IT director says that the version of Native client is lower than what’s specified for sql 2012. To me it’s the same issue. Filemaker doesn’t certify it but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Any suggestions how to win over IT?
To use an older version of Native client with the newer SQL Server version is also OK. You could find some fine differences but they are not affecting the data retrieval/updates.

The best you can do is to ask FileMaker support what exact problems you can expect when using newer Native client and/or SQL Server version. They should know about them if they don't support them.

More problems can occur in much older software than FileMaker 11. E.g. we are still using the old SQL Server ODBC driver with the SQL 2012 and 2016 and the client application is Visual FoxPro 9 dated 2007...  We know we cannot use varchar(max) columns without conversion in our queries but that's the only incompatibility between FoxPro and SQL Server.
Mary WeldonAuthor Commented:
Again, I am most grateful Pavel and thank you for sharing your expertise. I'm advanced in FileMaker Development with 34 years experience but only interface with SQL via odbc for importing data. I've setup table instances of SQL tables in FileMaker so I can interact with data using FM,s operators, calculations & script steps. They're very rudimentary needs so I won't be writing any SQL statements or Queries. So I should be ok. Should you have any questions about FileMaker please look me up. It's a remarkable application and I love learning and sharing my knowledge of its many capabilities. Have a great day!
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