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File update

Client is sending a file in different name but FTP job looking for one file, how I can rename the client file as it in my job?

Please suggest.

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Leonidas Dosas
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Can you rename the uploaded file AFTER the uploading? I mean to set a new name with numerical names like upload1,upload2,...etc
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I cant rename, becoz client is sending like 1234.pgp and I am renaming like venkat.pgp.

Once I renamed the file, it will get match with my Job and it will pick the file to proceed furhter. Please advise
any suggestions please .. it is getting failed daily. Need to fix it permanently. As Client not able to send the with file name, is there a way I can rename before my job got triggered. Please share your thoughts.

You have not let us know how your process works (no code provided) nor have you specified why the client file must match the name you provided.  The simplest answer would be to change your process to accept any .pgp file.

Hi Saige,

Actually it is File FTP transfer program,

Our Job will go and see the client location with the name called Venkat.pgp daily, but everyday client is sending the file as 1234.pgp(any other numbers). So the job is looking for venkat.pgp and getting failed.

How we can update the 1234.pgp file to Venkat.pgp before job looking for the file. Also as you said, if I give any .pgp file to pick.. it will pick other files which are avilable in the client source path which is not required.

Please advie.

Do other clients use the same source path or just this one client?  Other just this one client uses this source path, rather than changing the file names at all, create a folder for completed files and move the processed file to this completed folder as the last thing the job does...  Then all you have to do is accept any .pgp file.  Otherwise, what you will need to do is setup a file watcher for the source location and change the files as they are dropped.

Yes Saige, I liked the file watcher , can you please provide me the code snippet to monitor any files coming with Numbers into the source path. Once it came, it can renamed to Venkat.pgp. So, that the Job wont get any impact. Your help is much appreciated.
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