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Leased line vs FTTC

Hello experts,
I have a client, with 15 users  in the office and 7 users remotely accessing data through vpn. They have a seperate line for their voiceThey have a leased line (10mb on 100mb bearer) for the last 3 years, but now wants to move to FTTC as its available (40/10).
Running off the leased line curently  is hosted exchange with 35 mailboxes, we have an offsite Arcserve backup and sales people accessing data via vpn back to the server.
Ive put my case across that totally leased line is 1-1 contention, more scalable(can go up to 100mb) and better sla. Yes it costs more but in the future they are looking at implementing an ERP solution, maybe netsuite or Sage.
If anything with teh way things are going they will likely need more bandwidth. Plus there is the cost to reactivate if they chage their mind. I wondered if anyone out there can advise about adding salesforce / erp / office 365 and in light of that they should stay with leased line. Any experience assistance appreciated.
Microsoft OfficeExchange* leased line

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