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WiFi keeps dropping

WiFi keeps dropping on a new laptop.
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Open Windows Power Properties, Advanced Power Settings, and then go down to Wireless settings and set Power to Maximum for both AC and Battery. This is the most common reason Wireless connections drop.

You may need go to Device Manager, properties of the wireless NIC , power management tab and uncheck the setting "Allow the computer to turn off this card"
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Hi John, all of those setting had already been set.

Hi masnrock, here are your answers:
Does this happen on any wireless network, or just one particular one? Yes
in the first scenario, make sure that drivers and firmware are updated. OK, I'm checking for updates
In the second scenario, I would first ask whether you're using a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. 5GHz
You need to check to see whether there are a large number wireless networks nearby using the same (or adjacent) wireless channels. There are many but not on that channel.
Try updating the router firmware also. I have seen some cases where there were compatibility issues with some wireless chipsets, and the firmware update was required.
Given you did all the earlier things, updating firmware would be next.
I updated all the drivers. Oddly the wireless driver was not updated but regardless the other drivers seemed to stabilize it. I'm waiting another day before closing! thx
The drivers fixed it - oddly enough not wireless related but I think they were related to the platform/chipset. Anyway, thank you!