sql server index 2012

how to move selected column in the  table from one server to another server with out droping constrains and indexes in sql server 2012.
kowsika deviAsked:
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Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
Do you want to remove the column from the table. If yes it is not possible with dropping depending object like constrains and indexes in SQL Server.
kowsika deviAuthor Commented:
hi jj
all the tables  with selected columns copied on to a different database with the 'Select * Into...' clause from one server to another. But this statement does not transfer constraints and indexes. How do we transfer the constraints and indexes to the destination server.
Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
Generate Scripts is the answer-

Go to  SSMS -> Choose your database -> tasks-> Generate scripts -> Next
-> Script Check Constraints to true
-> Script Indexes  to true
-> ScriptDependencies to true
-> Select the tables you need
-> next -> next ->

read more from here
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kowsika deviAuthor Commented:
i need selected columns alone if i use the generate scripts it comes all the column in the specified table jj. iam doing now trunctate table and selecting the columns  and inserting .  like this

if OBJECT_ID(N'LGen_ArbitrationExpenses_D', N'U') is not null
    Truncate Table LGen_ArbitrationExpenses_D;

 Insert into  LGen_ArbitrationExpenses_D  (Pk_Id,Amount,CrtdBy,CrtdDt,ExpenseDt,ExpenseType,Hdr_Fk,HearingDate,LnNo,LnNo_Fk,LstModDt,MediaName,PublicationAgainst,PublicationDt)
 select Pk_Id,Amount,CrtdBy,CrtdDt,ExpenseDt,ExpenseType,Hdr_Fk,HearingDate,LnNo,LnNo_Fk,LstModDt,MediaName,PublicationAgainst,PublicationDt  
 from [\sql12].SHRICITYUNO.dbo.LGen_ArbitrationExpenses_D  with(nolock)


is tere any way to do simple and common script jj.
Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
No other way other than Generate Script. You can do a generate script and then remove tun unnecessary columns from the script by using find and delete.

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kowsika deviAuthor Commented:
mmm k jj thanku
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