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Hi Experts,

we are using EXCH2013 in a DAG.
Is it possible to change setting when I have to send an email to receipient : ALL ?
We like to deny this right for each user.
When it is needed to sent to receipient ALL, a moderator has to acknoledge this email.

Can you show me an example how to configure this ?
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAsked:
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Looks like you are looking for this KB:
Check, if that helps.

Or if this doesn't fit your requirement. Then next you need to look for DLP solution. DLP does most of the filtering for you, before it goes out. Remember, DLP's are 3rd party solution and not free.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
This is a nice documentation.
But can you show me how to configure it ?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Check this KB:

It is for 2010, will work for 2013 too..
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.
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