How to Top up a winrar archive with new files

I back up to Amazon glacier storage, which accepts winrar archive.
I have just spent two days creating the winrar archive of all my files and folders!
Going forward, how best to keep the glacier storage in sync?
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Up front, I'm not an Amazon Glacier expert.

That said, after you archived all your files and folders into a single rar archive, how did you get it to Glacier.  Did you use some sort of import utility that unrar'ed it there and added all the files and folders to a vault?  Or did you just upload the rar as a file you are backing up?

What platform are you on, and what client are you using to push content to Glacier?

mewtdAuthor Commented:
Hi Bill, I use FastGlacier, a third party app, to get the files up to aws.
That program estimates it will take five days to upload it all!!
So, I anticipate I will do this process about every three months, uploading all new files since today's first upload. And every three months after that...
So I need to be able to find a process to determine all file changes and new files since today's date and upload them only.
I guess I could do a search on my home storage and sort by date and send them to a new rar file, but if there was a way to append all changes to the existing rar, and upload only those changes, then that would maintain the correct folder structure...
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
So did you just back up a single RAR file from you system to Glacier, or did you have FastGlacier select drives/folders and send up individual files?

mewtdAuthor Commented:
HI Bill,
I created a single archive from all the files and folders on the storage drive.

FastGlacier uploads the .rar file to glacier by breaking it down into over 9000 parts, in batches of 8 at a time, each part is 64mb in size.

At the moment I am on day 2 and it is uploading parts 897 - 904 of 9134, so some ways to go yet!!
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but that feels like the wrong approach.  FastGlacier is going to treat that RAR as a single file, and if you update it on your computer, even just adding / updating a few files, then you are going to have to send the whole file up to Glacier again.  There is no way (unless I'm missing something) where FastGlacier / Glacier can replace just parts of a RAR file, it will be all or nothing.  So you will be send way more data than you want.

I would think you would want to let FastGlacier do the work of figuring out just what files have changed since the last upload, and then only sending that subset on to Glacier.  In a quick look at the documentation it seemed to have that capability.


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