How to list a complete list of servers and directories backuped with TSM

Hi everyone:
                         I need to create a report with the complete  list of servers and each of their respective directories protected by my TSM server. Is there any command to obtain this data?

Thanks in advance.
Santiago videlaAsked:
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you should use a couple of queries, 1 that gives you occupancy (this will read, among other useful info, only the volume on which directories reside) and one more that gives you what is defined into the client schedules (if you haven't used just "incremental" without specifying anything into the 'object' field; should you use incremental it will backup everything but excluded files)

Select node_name, filespace_name,physical_mb, stgpool_name from occupancy order by physical_mb DESC

select schedule_name, DOMAIN_NAME, OBJECTS, perunits, description, dayofweek, starttime from client_schedules order by starttime

hope it helps
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Max! Thanks a lot! those commands give me exactly what i need! Thanks a lot, as usual!!!
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