What special symbols are used in Perl Regex's? Especially I am interested in backtick.

Dmitry Kosovets
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Please, help, what special symbols are used in Perl Regex's? Especially I am interested if backtick (`) is used.
Thanks in advance.
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here are the chars to be escaped
Usages      Characters Needing Escaping
Single Quoted Strings      
'    - apostrophe/single quote
\    - backslash
Double Quoted Strings      
"    - double quote
$    - dollar
@    - at symbol
\    - backslash
Regular Expressions      
^    - caret
$    - dollar
.    - period/full stop
?    - question mark
*    - asterisk
+    - plus
[    - left square bracket
(,)  - parentheses/round brackets
|    - pipe/vertical bar
\    - backslash
When they can be confused with a range:
{,}  - curly brackets
When entered directly into regex:
@    - at symbol
/    - forward slash
Character Classes      
[,]  - square brackets
\    - backslash
Unless the first or last character in class:
-    - dash or hyphen
If the first character in class:
^    - caret

refer to http://www.dispersiondesign.com/articles/perl/perl_escape_characters



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" and ' would only need to be escaped if they were used as delimiters.
Any other characters used to delimit your regex would also need to be escaped.

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