Cannot connect to a file share with a Citrix client

We have two offices A and B, with a Buffalo NAS in Office B. We have two ways of connecting to the NAS: via fat client and via Citrix. Via fat client we can all connect to the file shares on the NAS. Via Citrix there is no more access within Windows Explorer to the NAS all the sudden. However I can ping it, trace it and it resolves. Office B, with the NAS, is behind a firewall, but I was told all traffic is being passed through, so it doesn't filter Citrix traffic. How come that Citrix traffic (which originates in Office A) cannot connect to the NAS anymore? It used to work before. Has anyone had that issue before? Does the Citrix Client have specific Settings I have to check? Other file Shares DO connect to Citrix Clients, it is only that certain one that is giving me trouble.
I can't find any hints in user groups or Citrix documentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Axel SchneiderAsked:
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
at the NAS (or Office B) you dont see any "Citrix-traffic"
The only one is traffic originating from Windows servers (users access this servers with citrix, but this protocoll ends here).
Check with RDP (or much better ... direct console) connecting from Citrix server to NAS.
try to access the NAS-Share with IP ... \\\share
possible the security settings at the server are higher than client-settings. So wins/netbios or SMBx may be deactivated at servers.
Talk with the server/GPO admins.
Axel SchneiderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I will go through your list, and report back with my feedback.

Axel SchneiderAuthor Commented:
I went through the list on my Citrix Servers and I can verify:

- SMBx is installed
- Users were able to access the NAS from Citrix before and it all the sudden stopped
- Other file Shares can be accessed by users on while being on Citrix, but not the NAS Shares
- The Firewall inbetween has no rules restricting traffic between Office A and B
- The NAS ist old, it is a Buffalo Linkstation NAS (2011)
- On my Citrix Servers I can ping and tracert the NAS IP, but refuses to let me create a network share via Powershell to it.

So something is timing out or blocked, I guess.

My question: when I try to connect to the NAS Shares via Windows Explorer on a Citrix server it times out and gives me a standard error. Where can I find the Windows Explorer logs on my Citrix server? I am hoping to find more info to go on. The NAS has no logs unfortunately, and the Firewall sees it as a non-Event.

Thanks much for your input,

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Dirk KotteSECommented:
Sorry for the delay...
Citrix has no settings specific to accessing file shares.
If you get the same error from within a local or RDP session, there is something like "deactivated SMB1/2", security settings, endpoint protection....
I never seen an "explorer logfile", but you can try to map a network drive from CLI.
possible there is an error message with more content.
try "net use * \\nas.domain.lan\share"
if the problem persists, you should ask a new question within Windows-Server / AD groups.
Axel SchneiderAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your Feedback. The NAS in question will be sent back to HQ, and a different NAS will be sent out so staff can continue to work. Upon Investigation, we will know more (or not) about this specific problem case. This Experts-Exchange case can be closed now.
Axel SchneiderAuthor Commented:
These were the bits of info I would work with best.
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