Powershell: create local admin user gives error "specified network password is wrong"


Created a powershell script to create a local admin user but keep on getting
"Exception calling "SetInfo" with "0" argument(s): "The specified network password is not correct."

Please advise what is wrong.

#Create local user and make it administrator
$LocalUser = 'NewLocalAdminUser'
$Computers =   @('servera','serverb')
$Date = "get-date"
$Description = 'Newly created user on $date by $env:username'
$GroupName = 'Administrators'
$Password = 'NewPassword!'
#$Password = Read-Host -AsSecureString
foreach ($computer in $computers)
  if ((Get-LocalGroupMember -Computername $computer -Name $GroupName) -contains $LocalUser) {
    Write-Host "$LocalUser already exists, setting new password" -ForegroundColor Green
    Set-LocalUser -Name $LocalUser -Password $(ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force -String $Password) -Computername $computer
  else {
    Write-host "Setting $LocalUser on $computer"
    New-LocalUser -Name $LocalUser -Computername $computer -Password $(ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force -String $Password) -Description $Description
    Add-LocalGroupMember -Computername $computer -GroupName $GroupName -name $LocalUser
    if ((Get-LocalGroupMember -Computername $computer -Name $GroupName) -contains $LocalUser) {Write-Host "$LocalUser succesfully added to $computer" -ForegroundColor Green}
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
are you using localhost as the name of the server? if so, change it to the actual server name
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
I have no clue what you mean. Why would localhost play any role in my script?
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
you have

$Computers =   @('servera','serverb')

i assume you do not have servers named servera, serverb, etc. If any of those are localhost, you will receive the error you're getting
Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
I'm assuming the PowerShell console you are running this from is running with user credentials that have local admin rights to these machines?

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janhoedtAuthor Commented:
that's correct
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