Trying to convert a .MKV to .DIVX Issues

I'm trying to convert a .MKV file into a .DIVX format because the device I'm using requires a .DIVX container. I am using the DivX Plus Converter (free version) and when I convert it the sound is out of sync. I think this is because the .MKV file is 25.253 FPS and the converted .DIVX is 29 FPS. When I convert a 29 FPS .MKV to a 29 FPS .DIVX the video works fine. Is there way to convert a 25 fps .mkv to a 29 fps .divx without having the sound out of sync?
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
There different types of DIVX streams. covers all three.

First you start with your device + determine which of the three stream types your devices supports, then pick the type of stream you'd like to encode.

If a client asked me to do this, I'd use ffmpeg, as ffmpeg can handle all three stream types.

With ffmpeg, looks like the lowest common denominator (DIVX which will work on any device) is covered here... which looks to use a native ffmpeg codec... meaning any recent ffmpeg build will transcode DIVX videos natively... no requirement for additional libraries to be built or installed.

As for out of sync audio/video, this is typical for random versions of video transcoders.

Try ffmpeg + is you still have desync issues, usually this will fix most desyncs...

ffmpeg -fflags +genpts -async 1 ...

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ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks that was just what I was looking for.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
You're welcome.

I must say, ffmpeg is one of the most highly used projects ever developed.

Most transcode programs use ffmpeg libraries, whether they mention they do or not.

If you stick with latest ffmpeg, likely you can handle any type of transcode project which arises.
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