Accessing uNC paths from CMD line/bat file

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I'm might be missing something here.
However, we use a batch file that easily does a
Xcopy "\\serverName\path1\path2\*" "C:\programs\pathlocal1\pathlocal2" /s /e /y

On widows 7
But doesn't work on
Windows 10.

Am I missing some basic understanding here.

I guess I could just map it but wanted to understand why it works in windows7 but doesn't work in windows10

Thank you
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Not sure if it matters but, are you using capital letters for the switches?

what's the error you get?
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As commented above it should work.
Please post the screenshot of the error.
I was just able to figure it out after I mapped a drive to the path but was unable to get to the drive letter via the CMD prompt.

Turns out I needed to create
EnableLinkedConnection DWORD
With a value of 1 in

Works perfect

Thank you for replying
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept Head
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Glad to know you sorted by yourself
NVITEnd-user support

FWIW, you can also use PUSHD and POPD, which maps the drive letter to the path and makes it current. Then, POPD releases the mapped drive.

pushd "\\serverName\path1\path2"
Xcopy . "C:\programs\pathlocal1\pathlocal2" /s /e /y

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After a little more troubleshooting and research I was able to find the solution

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