How can i list all the include/exclude files from my TSM clients from the server.

Hi Everyone,
                        I need to list all my include/exclude files from the nodes where TSM client run. Is there any way to have this information from the tsm server directly? (since there are more than 500 servers , check each .opt file will take me  days!)

Thanks in advance

Santiago videlaAsked:
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the include/exclude options are defined in the clients’ dsm.opt files you can only list them on the clients, unfortunately. Use the client command “q inclexcl” to do this.
On the other hand, if they’re defined using the server’s client option sets you can use the server command “q cloptset” to list them.

Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
             Yes, i have the include /excludes  on the .opt files. Thanks anyway!
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