Active Directory: Name to NTID

Hello Folks,
I have a list of users first name last name ( john doe ) there any command that will retrieve me their ntid?

thanks for looking
ivan rosaAsked:
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Are you wanting to import the csv and get the user's ID back? Powershell will get you the information you want just need to know what you are trying to accomplish and how your csv is formatted exactly.

assuming you only have first name and last name it would be something like this.

$filepath = "c:\scripts\users.csv"
$users = Import-CSV $filepath -Header firstname,lastname

Foreach ($user in $users) {
Get-ADUser -Filter {givenname -eq "$_.firstname" -and surname -eq "$_.lastname"} -properties *| fl name,UserPrincipalName


Easily can be adjusted to any properties you are looking to get.
ivan rosaAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick response, although when i run the script, it only jumped into another line of prompt, didn't give me any error nor result...

i did however found what i am looking for here:
dsquery user -name "john doe"|dsget user -samid -email -display -dept -title

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ivan rosaAuthor Commented:
this link will satisfy my question
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