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Jim Schwetz

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responsive tracker cuts off words on smaller screens

Trying to create a 5-stage tracker, The IPad is the smallest screen this has to work on.
To create the chevrons, I used a rectangle and a diamond.  But the diamond covers the text on the rectangle when in iPad size.
I used z-index to give each step its own layer trying to pull the rectangles above the diamonds.
Here is the fiddle:

If you know of a better way to create this tracker, please share.  this is like the 30th version.  :(

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Eoin OSullivan
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Jim Schwetz


Thank you!  This was done way better than what I was trying to do.  Time to adjust some of my code.  Thanks Eoin.
No bother ...
As the saying goes "Where there's a will ........ there's  ... a dead person" ;-)