what is the best simplest (if any) to setup two wan ips (from same isp) on a metro ethernet network?

here is what i have:
2800 Cisco router
asa5506 firewall/router
metro Ethernet fiber transceiver
block of wan ips: & (available to use)
right now, this is the current setting:  (ISP) Metro Ethernet Fiber Transceiver <------> 2800 Cisco router<-----> 2layer switch with Sub-nets:

if we were to create a separate network, do we plug in a pnp switch infront of the 2800 which would feed both 2800 own wan ip and cisco asa5506 own wan ip? like this:  
(ISP) Metro Ethernet Fiber Transceiver <---pnp switch---> 2800 Cisco router<-----> 2layer switch with Sub-nets:
 "        "            "              "           "              <----pnp switch---> Asa5506 <------------------> 2layer switch with subnets:
or what do you suggest? see attached for graphical view of our intention.

thank you in advancemetro-ethernet-dual-wans
mwaukiSystems EngineerAsked:
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William MillerConnect With a Mentor Inventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
What's the model of the transceiver they've sent to you?
William MillerInventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
Does the Transceiver support Dual WAN?
mwaukiSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
how would one tell?
mwaukiSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Mr. Miller, thank you for you time... i am sorry, when i went back and ask the client about if its dual wan capable, he came back and said the plan has been changed.  again, so sorry but moving forward, i will include your suggestions whenever i'm faced again with such device.
William MillerInventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
No problem at all, sometimes clients just change their minds. There's nothing we as Techs can do about it. Glad I could help, though!
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