Powershell or other method to see NDRs? Exchange 2013

Our Exchange 2013 server was acting up this AM and I had a lot of mail go out that didn't go out and just sat in the queue.  I'm being asked for a report on all NDRs that were sent.

Is there a way in the GUI or via powershell to see all NDRs that were sent for a specified time period in Exchange 2013?


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Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Not a complete solution, but you could try this:
Get-transportserver | Get-MessageTrackingLog –resultsize unlimited | where{$_.EventID -Like 'DSN' -OR $_.EventID -Like 'FAIL'} | select Timestamp,clientip,ClientHostname, ServerIp,ServerHostname,sender,EventId, MessageSubject, TotalBytes , SourceContext,ConnectorId, Source ,@{Name=”Recipents”;Expression={$_.recipients}} | export-csv C:\NDR.csv

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Let us know if you would need anything specific.

let me see if I understand correctly what is it you are looking for:

there were a whole bunch mail sent. for some reason, mail did not go out in a timely matter but was sitting in the queue, so the mail was delayed.
what happened next? was it deleted? did it go out eventually?  
it could be that there were no NDRs generated, because delay was not long enough and system was still trying to deliver the messages
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