Robocopy directories and permissions between server 2003 and 2012

Looking to use below command

To copy all contents including empty directories of SourceFolder to DestinationFolder:

Robocopy C:\SourceDir C:\DestDir /E

With ROBOCOPY <Source> <Target> /E /Copy:S /IS /IT

As per

Haven't used Robocopy for a good while, maybe 8 years but current AD setup i've inherited is in a huge mess

Where is the best machine to use robocopy from (I'm guessing the 2012 server) and do all directories have to be shared to my admin account in order for it to work?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Robocopy C:\SourceDir C:\DestDir /E is ok to use. Just note that existing files in the destination, if any, are not erased. This would be useful for an archive type destination.

Are you moving the files to another server or share? If so, you may want to make an exact "mirrored" copy. For that, you can use:
ROBOCOPY <Source> <Target> /Mir
The /MIR switch erases existing files in the destination, if any.

ROBOCOPY <Source> <Target> /E /Copy:S /IS /IT
That refreshes the file security info, i.e. permissions, for all files, without copying any files. This would usually be used if you copied the files earlier but now you just want to refresh the security info.
Indie101Author Commented:
Thanks is there a best machine to use robocopy from

I was going to use 2012 server also does everything have to be shared in order to mirror directories

I didn't think it had to be but got a few robocopy errors with shares not being found etc for those non shared drives unless I put the \\unc details incorrectly
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Run it from 2012.

No. You can use the admin shares. Example. This copies from the 2003 server d:\folder1 to the 2012 d:\folder2.

Preferably, test a copy using a small folder so you don't have to wait a long time for it to finish. A folder containing a few files and sub folders.

ROBOCOPY \\2003servername\$d\folder1  \\2012servername\$e\folder2 /Mir

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Indie101Author Commented:
Thanks :)
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