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OpenConnect-GUI and split tunnel

Could anyone provide guidance on using OpenConnect-GUI (Win 7 x64) for split tunnel?

Connecting to Cisco ASA and have not had success. There are tutorials for the Linux distro, but not Windows GUI port. The vpnc-script.js is not the same as a the vpnc.conf in the Linux distro.

No matter what I do, I can't seem to get it working: either I have access to LAN or remote resources, but not both simultaneously.

Using OpenConnect-GUI 1.5.1, as 1.5.2 has a bug with Cisco SSL VPN, and I had to downgrade. (I understand it's fixed in 1.6, which is not available yet.)
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A Q Choudary
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Please follow below link

hope it help you
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Yes, I had seen this, thanks. It is for the Linux distro. The Windows GUI version apparently doesn't use the same scripts; it uses a JS version called vpnc-script.js.

I do understand the article you linked, but I don't have enough experience with JS to quite figure out how to apply the methodology to the Windows version (or even sure if it can be done).

Hoping someone has tried this already, and can provide some guidance.
One more note. The authors of OpenConnect are focused solely of FOSS, so they get to changes when they can. I don't usually solicit paid work on EE. But this is a high-priority issue for my team and we would be glad to pay for a working solution on this.

(I hope EE doesn't have any rules on solicitation like this; if so, I apologize.)
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Found on developer GitHub forum.