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Logging management

Dear Wizards, is there any free solution for logging management? I found Greylog on the Internet but not sure about its quality. Can you recommend some? Can Zabbiz be used for logging? Many thanks!
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What is your environment made up of?
Types of logs syslog events, event viewer, SNMP setup with snmptraps
Splunk, syslog/rsyslog event viewer, those centralized........

Zabbix monitors events and could record events you configure to be alerted when seen.
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
My environment:
- Cisco router, network
- HPE servers running VMware vSphere 6.5
- VMs inside the HPE Host servers
- Few RedHat, Ubuntu servers
What type of logs do you want to collect.

you can configure most of your devices to forward event to syslog/rsyslog and on the centralized server to do with the events as you see fit i.e. on receipt the process will check and determine based on your configuration and criteria to then potentially notify, etc.
those same devices could be configured to generate SNMPTrap events ......

You ask an extremely broad question without identifying what it is you want to do with the logs once  Centralized log provides one or two (mirrored with both location receiving the same events from all devices)

presumably when some events are seen you would want to be notified to resolve the issue while maintaining an ability to go search for an event if an issue arose after the fact?
Bryant SchaperCommented:
Windows can consolidate the event logs, used kiwi in the past, PRTG also has syslod if your environment is small enough, under 100 it would be free.
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