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How to activate Firewall but be sure it does not block remote access

How to activate Firewall but be sure it does not block remote access,it happened to me once that I simply activate and then be blocked my remote access,so this time I want to make sure when I click on that activation button my remote access will not be blocked
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John Tsioumpris
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If you mean remote Access RDP then the port is 3389 unless you have change it....but to be certain i always leave a back door to a VNC server available only from a specific IP/IPs...if something goes bad then you have option No #2
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maurice cristen


i am not the real amdinistrator i don't have phisical access i don't know anything about VNC or backdoor i need only a ''good'' setting to firewall
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i can see only this, inbound or outbound
this one? allow? and then i can activate Firewall?

Also, remember to grant rights to remote users not being administrators.

how to do that?
This PC, select Properties.
Click (left) Settings for Remote Connection.

Set Allow Remote Connection to on, and assign users.

i can see works without grant users,anyway is good to know thank you,see:

thank you