Brand new Samsung EVO + 128 issues on Len win10 Home

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I've just received a new SD 128gb micro SD card.
It is formatted in exFAT.
When I put it into the SDAdapter for microSD that came with it and insert it into my Lenovo win10 home laptop. It is recognized for a min or so be for it disappears and comes back repeatedly.
 I can sometimes copy stuff. But it's so intermittent.
I've seen were others have had the same issue. I've seen solutions from reformatting to checking for SD compliant driver. All of which may or may not work.

Does anyone know of a sure solution????

Ultimately, I will be using this 128gb SD in Note8.
But copying large amounts of files to it in Windows-10H

Thank you.
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System Architect
You should format it in the device you are going to be using it in. You can copy files to it by connecting your phone to your pc but if you format it on Win10 (ntfs) and try to use it on note8 you might find that you have to format it again..

So save yourself the trouble and make sure it's properly formated in and for the device you are going to use it in.

Hope it helps,
Daryl BamforthTechnical Expert

Does it work fine in the Note8?


I'm attempting now to reformat it in win-10 as exFAT.
Technically, I should be able to use it on both the note and Win-10.  It's taking a while to formate.
I may even try to format it in the note as well if this doesn't work.
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect

Formatting it in the device you are going to use it in, is best practice.

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