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Boot Error

James Lye
James Lye asked
Trying to install iso image of win10 ent on a machine that has Win10 pro installed.

Keeping getting this error after pressing any button to boot from CD

Tried enabling legacy boot.

ISO works fine on other machines
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Technical Expert
It looks like the installation media you have is corrupted. Is it an original disk?

If your installation media is damaged you can get a clean copy from Microsoft


Follow the "Create Windows 10 installation media" options.
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect
Do try to create a bootable USB Drive (using the official tool from Microsoft). It's easier and faster to install.

I agree that it must be installation media error. That can also mean that the drive has problems if the media works correctly elsewhere.

Hope it helps,
Jane UpdegraffSr. Systems Administrator
I wouldn't bother trying to enable legacy boot. It's clearly a UEFI (firmware) error not a BIOS or an OS error. If you keep getting this message when trying to boot to other installer images (try another one as your next step), you might try booting to a Windows PE disk (or stick or PXE boot if you have PE on there) and seeing if PE can create a new EFI boot sector for you. I have to do this now and then for certain HP desktops in the Prodesk gen 2 and gen 3 families.
RaminTechnical Advisor
Disable Secure Boot from BIOS.
Select 2. Choose your language settings,  and then click "Next"
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Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect

The last answer was a duplicate of one already given.
The rest were valid solutions to the problem.