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Application Notification Relay Using Office365

YaYangTeah asked
We are implemented one of the software and this software need to sending email (notification)to user.While User upload the file let said using email address :user01@office365.com and send to external user01@external.com .After click send recipient will get the link to download the files and while recipient download the files then system will receipt the notification said that is recipient download complete.

Due to our email hosting is using office365 so that we are setup the smtp server in our one of the server and using one of the mailbox msgrelay@office365.com relay the msg.

I trying sending from software using msgrelay@office365.com is no problem but if i using user01@office365.com then is failed.May i know how to rectify this issue.

How to allow multiple user like all offce365 user(User01,user02....@office365.com) able to using msgrelay@office365.com in our SMTP server to relay the msg.Thanks
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Actually we has done for the URL but we able to figure by our self .The solution is we need to setup send as in user01@office365.com for msgrelay@office365.com.