launch Minecraft for Windows 10 - splash screen then disappears

Hi all, have a Windows 10 Lenovo with an issue with Minecraft for Windows 10. Up until a couple of days ago everything worked just fine.. But now, when launching Minecraft, I see the 'Mojang' white screen, then it disappears. I have the version installed from the Windows store.
So, I find the app in "apps and features" and removed, rebooted, re-installed, but still the problem persists. I then took the drastic action to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. I figure, time for a clean re-build anyhow. I did just that, re-installed Windows, patched, put McAfee and Office 2016 back on - perfect clean build. Installed Minecraft and OMG I get the same problem!!
I can't be the only person with this issue, must be a MS patch or something? Anyone, any help much appreciated as I need to get my 8 year old off my back ;)
ps. I did kill AV and Firewall but problem persists! Everything else is working normal.
Jay ThomasAsked:
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William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
Navigate to the Minecraft folder located in AppData. There should be a log folder inside. Open the most recent log or post it here. It should give a "Minecraft exited with code 0" but also list the error inside of that log somewhere. If we can see that, we can see what might be causing this issue.

That would be:


or it could be located under simply


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Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Run WSReset.exe to clear store cache
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
@ William, I'll do that now - thank you.
@ Shaun, I can't see that being the issue considering the fresh re-build. But appreciate your help all the same.
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William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
When Minecraft exits unexpectedly before the game loads, it could be any number of things. One of the most common tends to be driver incompatibility. That's what we want to look for first, but again, that's not the only cause. The logs should also have a .gz format at the end if I remember correctly. They would need to be opened with some kind of zip-archive software. I think 7Zip handles the format by default.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
HI, there is no Minecraft folder under roaming for any user. So could this be an issue with the install perhaps, in that the Win10 thinks it's installed, but it isn't?
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
If you're not able to locate a Minecraft directory on the machine at all, then yes, that would be a likely issue. That's the location Minecraft generally installs to, but what I would tell you to do is next do a basic search on C: for the term "Minecraft" just to make sure there hasn't been some funky install location.
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
@ Shaun, I can't see that being the issue considering the fresh re-build. But appreciate your help all the same.
You never know
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
For the Win 10 Edition your files are at C:\Users\<profile name>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\

Which graphics chipset are you using? This sounds like a 3D settings issue.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Hi. This - C:\Users\<profile name>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ is the folder as stated but the log folder has just one spreadsheet with nothing in. I can't see any other logs.

Re.3D setting. I have another Lenovo which Minecraft works, i checked the display settings side-bu-side and they are the same.
Rediculous isn't it, looks like I will have to payout for teh full desktop version because of some bug in the MSFT app.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
There’s clearly a bug with the current version in the store and some hardware configurations but it’s far from clear what that is. There’s a workaround which seems to help in most situations which is to disable 3D in the IGP but that means that those functions are unavailable to any other apps too so not hugely useful but does seen to kick Minecraft back into action. But as you’re demonstrating here, you have two broadly identical systems but only one is affected.  I guess it’s for Intel and Microsoft to talk to each other and get this fixed in an update.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
I just spotted something in the event log. An error occurs to match the app not loading. It informs me to check msft-windowsatwinui operations log. So, i do that and i see the error of: "Activation via contract helper of the app (has the app name here) for the windows.launch contract failed with the remote procedure call failed.

Clearly RPC is running but mean anything?
Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
So are you seeing
Activation of the app Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App for the Windows.Launch contract failed with error: The remote procedure call failed..

Activation via contract helper of the app Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App for the Windows.Launch contract failed with The remote procedure call failed.

Open in new window

in the log?

If so could you try creating another user account on the computer and installing Minecraft there?
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Hi @ MASQ, that's the error. I know you're onto something with the other account thing, here's why. There's a Utube vid where a chap has exactly the same error as me. He tries launching MC with the MSFT account that purchased it - it fails. Then he creates a local account and logs on with that. Finds MC in the store (now it wants a payment cos of new account), he then logs out of store as local account and logs into store as account that owns MC, and for him it works, for me obviously it does not. But it appears related.

One other thing that I didn't mention which may be important. When I did a rebuild I used the recovery partition on the Lenovo, that put back win8.1. While 8.1 I installed and launched MC successfully (I wanted to see if I was wasting my time). I then updated to win10 Ent (proper licensed version) but that's when MC fails. So you see, it looks related to an account thing, I just can't figure out what.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Is your other Lenovo that does work running Enterprise too?
How was that one built?
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Hi, sorry for the late response. Here's my update. I can no longer run Minecraft for Windows on any computer! I spoke with MSFT tech support, they tried all the stuff covered here plus a couple of extra bits (selective startup). Nothing worked. At the end the support person said this "sorry, I tried my best".

I believe this is related to my account - what else can it be? I can't download MC to any machine and not run it? I also have one machine with Mcafee and one with Defender - both fail. I also tethered the laptop internet connection to my phone, so rule out my router - same error. I spoke with MSFT accounts, and asked if the app could be deleted from my profile sop that I could re-buy it. Nope! can't do it.

I have looked around Google, I'm not the only one to get this RPC failure when launching a MSFT modern app - not just Minecraft, others are reporting other apps, but same scenario. So it looks as though I have lost the game. I have instead installed the java version which runs just fine, trouble is, that is cr*p, has very little textures available.

I launched process monitor and then fired MC. I didn't see a separate process start as I expected to, but did see process activity in Edge, so I think MC app is linked to MSFT Edge - anyone confirm this? .
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
Minecraft for PC is an entirely different beast to Minecraft for Windows 10. The Windows 10 version is basically a ported over Minecraft Portable. If you need some help finding Resource Packs (Game textures) or even Mods (That will entirely change how you play the game) I would be happy to point you in some good directions.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
If you could William that would be great. I will split the points anyhow and even though I didn't get a resolution, and let's be honest, if this is a bug, then MSFT should be looking to fix it, I still appreciate the great responses. And if nothing else, have I learnt a ton about trouble shooting modern apps :).
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
With Minecraft for PC you have what are called "Launchers". A good place to start would be to look up a "Launcher" called FTBLauncher. This gives you a respository of Minecraft "Mod Packs" as well as a pretty wide assortment of "Resource Packs" which will install automatically with no manual work on your end outside of pressing "Download" (Or Play as it should show in the launcher). You don't have to move into the modded scene immediately, however, but another good reference to see what Modded Minecraft is all about would be to check out a youtuber by the name of Direwolf20. He's a beginner friendly content creator that will give you a very detailed explanation of the way mods work and things like that.

What I will tell you is that there is no comparison between what you can do with Minecraft for PC and Minecraft for Windows 10. The PC version gives you so many more freedoms to play the game however you want. You can still play what is called "Vanilla" minecraft with Resource Packs if you want as well. You won't be limited to the click button interface of the Windows 10 version, either.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Thanks William. Appreciated.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The Edge thing is interesting, a lot of apps are intimately linked with Edge for their online launch, if Edge is locked down at all (ports etc) you can lose some (and sometimes all) functionality with M$ Apps.  Sounds like you've had enough of troubleshooting though and can't blame you.   Looks like Mr Miller has all your MC needs sorted :)
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
@MASQ Just someone who plays Minecraft is all, haha. I have since early beta because the mods are really pretty interesting to me.
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone, thought I'd share my good news - problem resolved!

In a nutshell, Minecraft for Windows 10 does not work (for me at least) on any version of Windows 10 "N" version! I always use the N version because it is the right thing to do - no more! I tried Ent N, Pro N and Home N across 2 physical laptops and even tried on a VM to prove out the fault- Minecraft would not work on any!

How did i figure it out? - I logged another call here because i also couldn't play ANY videos on YouTube - nothing! I got some error about not having the right media type player files (something ambiguous). I hen that i started wondering if the problem was related, so i fired up YouTube on my 2nd laptop and sure enough, no play back. I researched a little, looked at N version limitation and discovered non of the media stack gets installed with Windows N. But there is a Media player pack for N versions available - great, or so  i though. I installed but neither error got resolved. I then chose to install Win 10 again, but not the N version and BAM! Everything started to work! I then deployed to 2nd laptop and that too came to life.

Conclusion - I cannot believe that i have bad copy on the Win 10 N software, because i downloaded Ent N and Pro N from my partner subscription and still got the errors. But i don't understand how no one else seems to be screaming about this? If you are wondering if there is a limitation on the partner download - there isn't, because i downloaded Win8.1 and that worked just fine.

So for me - I'll never deploy N version again. Thanks to everyone for their help, I'll distribute points now.
Cheers all - Jason
Jay ThomasAuthor Commented:
Both responses were valuable. I didn't know where modern app install files get stored - now i do, and this enabled me to do a lot of trouble shooting. And the point about graphics card was definitely on the right track. Thank you both - i have happy children again :)
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