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Opening a linked URL from Wordpress or Sharepoint in Chrome versus IE

Internet Explorer 11 is the default web browser for our organization and it has to remain that way.  We use a Wordpress Avada theme for our intranet homepage and have links to various business sites, some of which work better in Chrome.  I know you can create desktop shortcuts to open sites directly in Chrome rather than your default browser:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" https://yourwebsitehere.com

Is there a way to do this same thing within WordPress or Sharepoint links?  I am doubting so but I thought I would ask.  I don't want to create desktop shortcuts for some sites that require Chrome and would rather just have all links on Wordpress for ease of use.  Again, I have to have IE 11 as the default browser for a variety of reasons.
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Keep in mind WordPress 4.9 is deprecating all IE11 support, so you may require rethinking keeping IE11.

Better to switch to Chrome latest as your primary/target browser.

When WordPress 4.9 releases, a serious IE11 apocalypse will begin...

That said...

If I understand your question, your asking if there's a way to force Chrome to run via a WordPress (non-local/external link).

The answer is no. This would be a horrible security problem. If this were supported, links could be injected into local machines to cause browsers to wipe out all write access files.
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Thanks for the tips.  Much appreciated and it all makes total sense.