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Hello Experts,

It was recommended that I use Audacity for mixing music - and I totally agree.

I need to be able mix in the next track, so it fade in, instead of starting abruptly from the beginning.

I was given the following link to show me how to do it.

However, this link shows me how to combine my tracks - which is what I like, but what I also need is the ability to fade in each track as I've just described.

Can someone let me know if that's possible with Audacity?


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Update your question with the number of audios will you be processing + is this a one off or task you'll be repeating.

Audacity is great if you only have one audio to do.

If you have 100s or this task must be repeated over a long time, then best to use a script calling ffmpeg or sox to do the  work.

If you search for audacity fade you'll find examples of doing this via Audacity.
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I hope this is what you are looking for Link.
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I guess you are going to Crossfade two tracks.

Fade in and Fade out Video:
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