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MacOS (10.11.6): Networking issue?

I have regular outages when listening to an audio feed via my bowser. It just cuts out.

Is there a way for me to find out why?

Also, I got an email from my cloud back-up provider that a backup has not taken place in three days, even though my PC has been connected to the Internet the whole time.

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How long does the cut last? Can you access other webpages when this happens? If it's a global outage, it's really only a handful of reasons:

1: Malware on the machine - This can cause drops in connectivity as well as outright malfunctions and outages.
2: The NIC is going out in the machine - This can cause outages for obvious reasons
3: ISP is having issues - This is the most common cause for internet outages. They can range from 30 seconds to hours/days.

Best thing to do is the next time this happens, make sure it's not a global outage. If it's only the audio player and cloud backup services, that could be a bandwith issue moving through your modem/router to throttling from your ISP.
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Thanks. I rebooted my router and will follow up with your advice if needed....