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Cannot access own website internally

I have a client that cannot view their own externally hosted website on most of their PC's and servers when they are internal on the network. The only devices that works are their domain joined Terminal Server and local VM host server. You can ping the web address without any issues from all of the devices and it resolves to the IP address that is in the A record in DNS on the DC.

Their internal domain is {companyname}.local and their website is {company-name}.co.uk. I have completed an NSlookup for www.{company-name}.co.uk and the non-authoritive answer comes back as the IP address of the A record.

They also use CyberDuck to upload documents to the webpage and this cannot connect either. The company recently undertook an email migration from on-site exchange to Office 365 but we cannot confirm whether this may have had any affect..
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